Lectures & workshops

The challenges, possibilities and demands that face the modern knowledge worker brings with it a growing need for self-leadership, balance and concrete productivity hacks.

I have supported organisations and individuals globally through lectures and workshops that inspire, spark new insight and lead to concrete change in the way individuals and organisations work.

Online or live, I make sure to activate, include, inspire and help you and your people grow. Everything I do is based on science and research. Behavioural change, the neuroscience of productivity and recovery, psychology and sociology are sciences that influence me.

Lectures & workshops

My genuine interest in the way individuals and organisations work, develop and re-invent themselves play a huge part in the way my lectures and programs are designed. Concrete exercises, tools and a hands on approach is at the core of the way I work.

For the past eight years I have planned, developed and executed lectures, workshops and trainings in person and online.

Examples of themes for lectures
  • Balance and Performance - how to work and live sustainably
  • Habits for peak performance and rest
  • The neuroscience of success
  • The value of wellbeing and happiness in the workplace
  • How mindfulness and yoga can boost productivity and balance
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Development journeys

There are many ways to develop one's thinking. A combination of experimentation, small steps towards new habits and the support of others lay the foundation for the professional development programs I offer organisations. A typical program lasts 3-6 months and includes a starting and ending lecture on a theme decided together with the management team.

Elements that can be included in the program
  • Starting and ending surveys to map the participants
  • Weekly meetings with different themes to inspire and support development
  • A weekly task to help develop personal tools for productivity and recovery
  • Weekly mails with inspirational articles, podcast or TED-talks
  • A private community Facebook-grouppersonal coaching
  • Personal coaching
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